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Lectin Free Breakfast Recipes

Unfortunately, traditional breakfast recipes are extremely high in sugar, carbohydrates and unhealthy fats. French toast, pancakes, and waffles oozing with maple syrup. Biscuits smothered in country-style gravy. Sausages glistening with unhealthy fats with a sugary glass of orange juice.

These sugar and lectin-filled meals can really put your health at risk.1 If you chose to eat breakfast rather than skip it, opt for low-sugar, lectin-free foods that are high in nutrients and healthy fats.

You might also be curious about coffee lectins.

There are plenty of healthy breakfast recipes that do not sacrifice flavor. Try these breakfast ideas to start your day right. Then try more lectin free recipes. You will love our lectin free soup recipes. Once you try those, try our lectin free coconut almond flour muffins. Our lectin free pancakes are also pretty amazing.

Our Most Popular Breakfast Recipes




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